Counter Trafficking Alliance is a Christ-based, 501c3 status, grassroots movement, for the abolishment of modern day slavery– human trafficking. We partner with existing trafficking-intervention organizations and ministries looking to maximize more involvement and movement within local communities, whilst identifying and meeting needs.

The concept is simple: You’ve heard the staggering, amounting statistics. Human Trafficking is a dark enterprise that is only ever-growing, and it effects every single zip code, worldwide. As big as this problem is, the response and counter-actions should be as well. Counter Trafficking Alliance aims to take this coverage where it needs to be, whilst mobilizing local community volunteers of varied skill-sets to get involved in unique ways.

Our Current Needs

Currently we are at the infancy stages in building our operations as this was started in the Fall of 2021. We are mobilizing our first wave of volunteers to validate information and data within the counter trafficking industry, to better understand where it is succeeding or failing.

Software Funding
We are utilizing a project management software that requires licensure funding. Currently our team is using this to track and document our findings in order to start off in a very organized fashion.

We are always looking for dedicated, and committed volunteers to validate and research items key for our success in the industry. Right now this need is crucial to our success, as we are building a foundation of understanding the industry as it stands, currently. We caution you to use your own discretion on what you can commit for this organization! We ask that you do not commit then quit!