August 17, 2023

On February 27, 2023 the National Association of Attorneys General sent a critical letter1 to congressional leaders, declaring an issue detected with the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH), which is hosted by Polaris Project. The letter drafted was a bipartisan submission on behalf of 36 state and territory attorneys general. The issue at hand is the lack of cooperation between the NHTH and law enforcement in sharing crime tips related to human trafficking.  

As an initial course of action since this letter was sent to congressional leadership, there has since been a bipartisan bill2 proposed by Rep. Laurel Lee (R-FL) and Rep. Kathy Castor (D-FL) called the “Human Trafficking Hotline Enhancement Act”. This proposed legislation would call for those that contract with the NHTH to relay crime tips to local and state law enforcement to aid in any investigation for human trafficking crime and victim recovery.  

Through the upstart of Counter Trafficking Alliance, it was important for our organization to have a vision and a mission for the anti-trafficking industry. For us to realize what this was, we had to assess the industry for how it stood at that point in time. We considered many elements, but one that recurrently brought up by front-line anti-trafficking ministries/non-profits were the lack of resources available to victims and survivors of human trafficking.  

This directed our attention to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. Their mission is advertised and perceived to the public to be the beacon of help and resources for trafficking victims. After a 2-year long review3 we detected: fiscal discrepancies, data concerns, caller grievances, former employee complaints, possible conflicts of interest, and more—all these at the expense of tax-payer dollars. We surface these issues to you with urgency. These critical elements affect the way human trafficking victims are recovered and cared for.  

As we all know, human trafficking is a modern-day epidemic. Time, resources, and money misappropriated negatively impacts victims and survivors in their recovery. As such, we call upon an immediate, full-scale investigation launched into the National Human Trafficking Hotline and release the general details of the investigation’s findings to U.S. citizens.  

Counter Trafficking Alliance Leadership





It is absolutely imperative that we call upon as much action as possible. These concerns affect victims at a local, state and federal level. Please know that we at Counter Trafficking Alliance will be sending this letter to all Attorneys General across the nation, HOWEVER, WE NEED YOUR HELP reiterating this to them.

Please download a copy of this letter (click the down arrow below) and send to your local elected officials! Let them know you are concerned that your tax dollars may not be funding the resources needed for human trafficking victims. Here is a sample draft you can copy, paste, and if needed, tailor to your needs in your communication to your elected official:

Hello Representative/Congressman/Senator/Attorney General <Insert Their Name Here>,

I write to you with concerns that have I have been made aware of via Counter Trafficking Alliance’s published report on concerning issues about the National Human Trafficking Hotline operated by Polaris Project. Concerning elements include various grievances made by callers, former employees, and bipartisan Attorneys General. Other concerns arise from initial financial assessments, elements of their expenditures towards victims of human trafficking.

I am made aware that my tax dollars are contributive towards federal grants that are awarded to this organization that is touted by major agencies at a nationwide scale. As a resident under your district, I encourage a full investigation into Polaris Project

Thank you for your time on this critical matter,

<Your Name Here>