Meet The Board

A Group of Leaders, A Group of Prayer Warriors.

As much prayer went into forming Counter Trafficking Alliance, the mission needed not only a pioneering group of individuals, but a group of faith-filled prayer warriors to accomplish the mission, and flesh out a vision that wasn’t quite manifested in real time.

The Lord brought in this group of fierce trailblazers. Together, our Board of Directors have paved a vision. Each on of these individuals bring a diversity of experience, skills, and goals for Counter Trafficking Alliance.

Meet our Board of Directors…

Our Founder and President

Natly Denise

Natly Denise is the founder and president with a fiery mission. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Natly first learned and joined the fight to combat human trafficking in 2012. Through her various ministry opportunities such as: cantina & street outreach, child & adult safe-house mentorship, and border outreach, she received a well-rounded view of the multifaceted epidemic in our lifetime: the exploitation of the most vulnerable in our society.

Natly is an investigative YouTuber with a knack for getting down to the details. She also runs an alternative news platform, The Daily TrafficK, delivering the most up-to-date trafficking headlines of our day. She has spoken at various conferences with her varied knowledge of this ugly epidemic.

With her project management background, she realized that in order to combat such a horrific industry, a centralized economy needed to be built for it.

Our Executive Director

Raquel Giesler

Raquel Giesler has been an advocate for Trafficking Survivors since 2013. Her passion to fight against trafficking ignited while volunteering with the A21 Campaign at a church conference. She is committed to helping eradicate trafficking all together. She is passionate about educating and teaching children, and young adults the signs of trafficking and all that entails. Her professional background includes event coordination, operations management, volunteer management, and team building.

Our Treasurer

Maryam Mwase

Before joining CTA, Maryam always had a burning desire to help local communities, but even greater, she felt the need to find purpose in her life. In 2010, she discovered that the state in which she lived trafficked many individuals due to its region in the US and proximity to major highways and rivers that crossed multiple states. After reading testimonies from survivors, she decided that the only meaningful thing to her was to help survivors regain faith in humanity and themselves, and expose the most heinous crime ever committed against humanity — trafficking.

In 2015, her nephew was born. His birth made Maryam realize how special and precious children are and the unconditional love that follows as a child grows. The thought of young children like him being neglected, abused, and left to fend for the world alone compelled her even more to direct her efforts towards human trafficking. Although trafficking is the biggest (hidden) industry in the world, Maryam knows that just one person can create change, and that is what she plans to do.

Outside of CTA, Maryam also works in the software space as a Product Manager, volunteers her time in the local communities, is committed to learning every day and explores the endless possibilities the world has to offer — both good and bad.

Our Board Member

Joni Wilkinson

Joni was born and raised in Oregon. She is a mother of two, a licensed insurance agent for over 20 years, and the Founder/Executive Director of One’s Purpose.

One’s Purpose was created six years ago after her personal experience being groomed, manipulated, and positioned by her “boyfriend” who was attempting to reach her daughter. He ended up getting arrested one night, which is when she learned of his trafficking history.

Her daughter took her experience and began educating people via social media and it has grown into what it is today, One’s Purpose. She is passionate about helping others, educating the community, and making a difference in hopes that more people and children will become aware and stay safe.

Our Board Member

Alissa Vega

Alissa is a Florida native, and mom of two, who is passionate about exposing the works of darkness. She served CTA during its genesis as an Independent Researcher, and went on to lead teams on in-depth digs. After fostering her love for this organization and the mission, she went on to join the Board of Directors to continue to serve and lead.

Alissa is passionate about ministering to trafficking victims, and exposing the works of darkness due to her powerful testimony as a former trafficking survivor, and deep love for Jesus Christ.